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About Us

Our mission at EagleStaff is to provide holistic wealth management.

Our goal is to build an intimate relationship with our clients through trust, respect, and with character in such a way as to create, grow, protect, and distribute wealth in the most tax efficient way using a comprehensive financial planning approach.


Our name stems from a highly honored and sacred symbol of the Aboriginal culture, the eagle staff. It is in many respects comparable to a national flag. However, the eagle staff is commonly comprised of a shepherd’s staff dressed with important symbols such as eagle feathers—each representing a tribe’s pride, history, or values. Like many other cultures, the name EagleStaff was created with that same principle—a representation of our culture and values.

Our firm’s foundation is built on three core values—trust, respect, and character. These values can easily be represented by the eagle’s three tail feathers in our logo. Similarly, the eagle’s wings have four feathers representing our four core services—Financial Planning, Investment Advisory, Tax Advisory, and Accounting. The eagle-headed staff represents our duty to guide and care for our clients—just as the staff is the shepherd’s aide to lead and protect his herd.

Our ultimate goal is to be your most trusted advisor.

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